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Man On The Moon - Music From The Motion Picture

1. The Great Beyond 5:04
2. Tony Thrown Out 1:07
3. Man On The Moon 5:12
4. This Friendly World 3:02
5. Miracle 2:53
6. Lynne & Andy 1:00
7. Andy Gets Fired 0:35
8. Milk & Cookies 1:59

All songs by performed by R.E.M. are by Buck, Mills, Stipe, Except This Friendly World by Kenneth Lorin Darby.

Man On The Moon - Music From The Motion Picture cover

Movie Soundtrack with 8 tracks performed by R.E.M. 15 tracks on the disc.

Released: November 1999.
Record Label: Warner Bros.
8 Tracks.
Duration: 37:10

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