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Automatic for the People

1. Drive 4:30
2. Try Not To Breathe 3:49
3. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite 4:06
4. Everybody Hurts 5:17
5. New Orleans Instrumental No.1 2:12
6. Sweetness Follows 4:19
7. Monty Got A Raw Deal 3:16
8. Ignoreland 4:24
9. Star Me Kitten 3:15
10. Man On The Moon 5:12
11. Nightswimming 4:16
12. Find The River 3:49

All songs by Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe.

Automatic for the People cover

Tracks as standard version. The CD is bright yellow. There is no writing on the disk, except for the copyright info. Package Description A a wooden box containing 16 translucent plastic pictures. The CD is housed in a sleeve. Product ID: Warner Bros. 45763-2.

Released: 12th October 1992.
Record Label: Warner Bros.
12 Tracks.
Duration: 48:52

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