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1. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? 3:59
2. Crush With Eyeliner 4:39
3. King Of Comedy 3:39
4. I Don’t Sleep, I Dream 3:25
5. Star 69 3:07
6. Strange Currencies 3:51
7. Tongue 4:08
8. Bang And Blame 4:48
9. I Took Your Name 4:07
10. Let Me In 3:27
11. Circus Envy 4:14
12. You 4:52

All songs by Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe.

Monster cover

Tracks as standard version. The CD is patterned with a series of concentric circles. There is no writing on the CD. The CD is held in a cardboard pouch on the back cover of a 52 page hard cover book. The pouch closes with a star-shaped flap. The book contains pictures of the band and quotations from songs. Product ID: Warner Bros. 45763-2.

Released: 27th September 1994.
Record Label: Warner Bros.
12 Tracks.
Duration: 49:16

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