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1. Airportman 4:12
2. Lotus 4:30
3. Suspicion 5:35
4. Hope 5:01
5. At My Most Beautiful 3:34
6. The Apologist 4:29
7. Sad Professor 4:00
8. You’re In The Air 5:21
9. Walk Unafraid 4:31
10. Why Not Smile 4:02
11. Daysleeper 3:39
12. Diminished & I’m Not Over You 6:00
13. Parakeet 4:08
14. Falls To Climb 5:06

All songs by Buck, Mills, Stipe except 4 by Cohen, Buck, Mills, Stipe.

Up cover

Tracks as standard version. Light green print. The CD is housed in a spiral bound flip book with lyrics on one side of the pages and a puzzle poster of Michael Stipe at the 1998 Tibetan Freedom Festival on the other side. The pages of the book must be removed from the spiral binding to assemble the poster. The spiral bound book is housed in a cardboard box, which is wrapped in cellophane. Product ID: Warner Bros. 9 47151-2.

Released: 26th-27th October 1998.
Record Label: Warner Bros.
14 Tracks.
Duration: 64:33

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