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1. Radio Free Europe (Hib-Tone) 3:46
2. Gardening At Night (Different Vocals Mix) 3:31
3. Talk About The Passion 3:22
4. Southern Central Rain (I’m Sorry) 3:11
5. Rockville, (Don’t Go Back To) 4:34
6. Can’t Get There From Here 4:10
7. Driver 8 3:18
8. Romance 3:24
9. Fall On Me 2:53
10. The One I Love 3:17
11. Finest Worksong (Mutual Drum Horn Mix) 3:49
12. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 4:04

All songs by Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe.

Eponymous cover

A compilation of tracks from the I.R.S albums. Three alternative versions of tracks, original Hib-Tone single version of Radio Free Europe, Different Vocals Mix of Gardening At Night and Mutual Drum Horn Mix of Finest Worksong. Also includes the track Romance from the movie soundtrack Made In Heaven.

Released: 4th October 1988.
Record Label: I.R.S.
12 Tracks.
Duration: 43:11

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