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This site is about the band R.E.M. It is written by Craig Lawson. It is best viewed in high resoulution 1024x768 or higher, but will work fine in 800x600.

Site content is by no means a solo effort. Special thanks to Felice "Long John" Bagnato for his work transcribing the bass tabs, also for his major contribution to the Gallery. Thanks must go to photographer Zoran Jamovic for his Budapest and Koper Up Tour pictures and to Dimakis Christos for a major contribution to the Gallery. Thanks to Michael Torno for some of the album reviews. If you think you have something to contribute, I'd love to hear from you.

remrock.com is intended to provide information on the music of R.E.M., and to a lesser extent the band members. In short, remrock.com is a resource for R.E.M. fans, created by an R.E.M. fan.

R.E.M. Rock is intended to generally promote R.E.M. on the internet. You will find, in the Trackography, a good resource to help you collect R.E.M. tracks on CD. You will not find any MP3 files of R.E.M. tracks at this site. Go and buy the CD!

R.E.M. Rock also provides an online community for R.E.M. fans around the world. With our unique Chat Room and Forum we host discussions with some of the friendliest people online! Thanks to Pirateking for managing the online community and news sections.

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