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1. The Lifting 4:39
2. I’ve Been High 3:25
3. All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star) 4:45
4. She Just Wants To Be 5:22
5. Disappear 4:15
6. Saturn Return 4:55
7. Beat A Drum 4:21
8. Imitation Of Life 3:52
9. Summer Turns To High 3:32
10. Chorus And The Ring 4:31
11. I’ll Take The Rain 5:51
12. Beachball 4:14

All songs by Buck, Mills, Stipe.

Reveal cover

Tracks as standard version. White disc in a yellow plastic wallet. Cardboard sleeve containing 40 page colour book including original photography by Michael Stipe and complete lyrics. Product ID: Warner Bros. 9 48078-2.

Released: 11th-15th May 2001.
Record Label: Warner Bros.
12 Tracks.
Duration: 53:45

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