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New Adventures in Hi-Fi

1. How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us 4:30
2. The Wake-Up Bomb 5:07
3. New Test Leper 5:25
4. Undertow 5:08
5. E-Bow The Letter 5:22
6. Leave 7:17
7. Departure 3:27
8. Bittersweet Me 4:06
9. Be Mine 5:32
10. Binky The Doormat 5:00
11. Zither 2:33
12. So Fast, So Numb 4:11
13. Low Desert 3:30
14. Electrolite 4:05

All songs by Berry, Buck, Mills, Stipe.

New Adventures in Hi-Fi cover

Tenth Album.

Released: 10th September 1996.
Record Label: Warner Bros.
14 Tracks.
Duration: 65:31

  rk-rate is certainly understandable, for, whereas Monster was widely regarded to have been a loudly fizzing bomb that steadfastly refused to go off, New Adventures... hits its many and varied targets virtually every time.

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